Bobcat Band (Beginning Band)


The Bobcat Band is open to new musicians or to musicians who would like to learn a new instrument.  All Bands at CVMS are limited to wind instruments and percussion.  Instrument coaches help students master their iinstrument of choice.  

Symphonic Band (Intermediate Band)


Students are placed in Symphonic Band on the basis of an audition.  Members of the Symphonic Band usually have more experience than those in Bobcat Band and frequently have had the benefit of private music lessons. Students in this Band work on challenging music in preparation for the Forum Music Festival, held in the Spring.  

Wind Ensemble (Advanced Band)


The Wind Ensemble includes the most proficient musicians in the Band progression.  At the Forum Music Festival in Spring 2015, the CVMS Wind Ensemble placed among the top 5% of middle school Bands in the country. 

CVMS Music Programs 

Bobcat Orchestra (Beg./Int. Orchestra)


Beginning and intermediate students who play string instruments are placed in the Bobcat Orchestra.  Instrument coaches help students develop their musical abilities.

Chamber Orchestra (Advanced Orchestra)


Advanced musicians are placed in the Chamber Orchestra.  At the Forum Music Festival held in Spring, 2015, the CVMS Chamber Orchestra placed among the top 5% of middle school Orchestras in the country. 

Jazz Band* (Club)


Jazz Band is a club conducted by Mr. Drechsel.  Students can join without audition and practice either at lunch or before or after school.  Jazz Band is not a class and does not count for course credit.